James Griffiths had set up his sole practice in 1982 which consisted of accounting and audit services provided to local clients. The firm Griffiths & Associates was officially established in...


James Noel Griffiths FCCA ACIS CPA FIA, audit director in Griffiths + Associates Ltd, has an audit experience going back to 1969 when he joined Turquand & Youngs Chartered Accountants...


PrimeGlobal is one of the five largest associations of accounting firms in the world, providing member firms and their clients a powerful pipeline to share ideas and business opportunities.

Sectors of Operations

Our firm, over the years, has expanded its local and foreign client base which has invariably resulted in a wide exposure to various industries and markets.

Commodities Trading

Although the import and export market in Malta is relatively small compared to the other EU member states, Maltese companies have been used over the years as vehicles for the...


The Maltese shipping sector is a thriving part of the economy, which is made up of various support services to the shipping industry apart from the actual shipping movements passing...


Malta claims a long tradition serving Europe’s health and pharmaceutical sectors. Nowadays, Malta seeks to keep renewing the strong excelling tradition it has in the medicine arena.

Media & Entertainment

Media and Entertainment has become a globalised product – Malta has been trying, over the years, to tap into this expanding industry and garner a reputation as a jurisdiction which...

Language Schools

Malta, being an ex-British colony, having English as one of its official languages has invariably attracted foreign students who are desirous in learning this essential foreign language.


It is estimated that around 10% of the world’s i-gaming companies are operating via Malta. The Maltese i-gaming scene, with its solid regulatory environment bolstered by the Malta Gaming Authority...

High Net Worth Individuals

The “elite”, or rather the High Net Worth Individuals (“HNWI”) typically search for countries which are politically and economically stable, with good standard of living, suitably located geographically, having good...


Malta has established a wide-ranging regulatory framework for the registration and promotion of all types of funds and investment vehicles. Malta has incorporated the Undertaking for Collective Investments in Transferable...

Estate Planning

Thinking about one’s affairs after death is not only a responsible thing to do, but is also an act of love towards the important persons in one’s life. Estate planning...


Malta is fast becoming a centre of excellence in ICT, and various international companies are setting up business in Malta in this ever-expanding sector.

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